Saturday, January 7, 2012


If you would like to make extra money online but don't have the skills to create a website maybe you should consider blogging. You can start with very little money and you don't need to know how to code a website. It is as simple as choosing  a theme of your choice and start blogging about a subject that  you have  knowledge of or have a passion for.

     First you will need to choose a blogger site. You will have the option to choose a free blog or paid blog. In my opinion a free blog is okay to begin with  but once you start making money you don't want your blog to be deleted for any reason.  Choosing to pay for your blog is not very expensive and you can rest assure that your blog will be online so long as your are paying your blog host, However you will still need to abide by the rules of the blog site that you choose. I personally like and .

     Secondly you will need to choose a host for your blog.     Okay now that you have accomplished the steps above and you have your blog setup, how do you earn money. One way is to sign up for a Google Adsense account. Google will insert advertisements on your blog and when one of your visitors clicks on it and purchase something from the advertisement you get paid a percentage from Google. You will not make millions but it is a start and the more visitors you have the better.
Another way to earn money is to sign up for a Google Affiliate Network Account..

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